3rd Qtr 2020 President Update: Jackie Lemons Shillingburg, CAI, AMM, PRI, TCAP

“We Did It!” We successfully conducted our 63rd Annual Texas Auctioneers Association Convention and State Champion Contest during a major pandemic. Our attendance numbers exceeded all expectations and the funds raised were generous and phenomenal. I want to congratulate our 2020 Texas State Champion Auctioneers! Texas State Champion Cody Shelley, State Ringman Champion Levi Meier,... Continue reading

Praise God For His Blessings

God has answered our prayers. There is a vaccine for the COVID-19 virus. Please continue to pray for all those with the virus and all those who lost family members. My wife Brenda and I took Hydroxychloroquine and got over the virus two weeks faster than my sisters did. One of my sisters received a... Continue reading

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