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Online CE

Instructions for Accessing the Online Course

1. Follow this link http://texasauctioneersce.org
2. Create an account by following the Login Link in the top right-hand corner.

3. Once you have completed creating your account click on the Course Link – Continuing Education for 2017-18.

* If you are a TAA member email the TAA office at taa.execdir@gmail.com and request the Enrollement Key. TAA will verify your membership and email you the Enrollement Key.

* If you are not a TAA member you purchase the Course via PayPal and then you can access the course.

4. Read and follow the instructions very carefully. Each page in the Course is timed so you will not be able to advance to the next pages until you have stayed on the current page for the required amount of time.

5. Complete the Course.

6. Complete the Survey and print our your Certificate of Completion. You have to complete this part of the course before we can post your CE hours.

7. Your course completion will be emailed to TAA and then we will transmit your course completion CE hours to TDLR.

8. If you need assistance during check out or completing the Course, contact course administrator:

Lance Swigert: lance@swicoauctions.com and / or 979-219-4902.

If you have questions regarding your license see the links below.

What CE Courses have I completed? TDLR

Website – http://www.license.state.tx.us/auc/aucce.htm

This new certification pathway is designed to help bridge the gap between auction school and get up and running as an auctioneer professional in Texas. Completion of each course will provide acknowledgement & certificate for each course: TCAP BUSINESS, TCAP MARKETING, TCAP OPERATIONS.

Upon completion of all 3 courses, graduates will be awarded “TCAP Certified” distinction which will include: adding to your credentials, lapel pin, use of logo, mentoring, free ad in TAA news, custom press release for local marketing and status. Attendees can take 1, 2, or all 3 courses. To become TCAP Certified and use the credential, graduates will need to complete all 3 courses, be a TAA member and a Texas Licensed Auctioneer in good standing.

Next Course: June 6, 2019 - Watch for information coming soon!

TCAP Course Details

TCAP Course 1

TCAP Business Fundamentals Intensive.

TCAP Course 2

Marketing At All Angles: Self, Client, Online.

TCAP Course 3

Logistics with Internship - Ground Up Set Up.

Onsite CE

Information coming soon.