Auctioneers who hold a license in the State of Texas are fortunate to hold a distinguished permit to conduct an event that singles out professional practices under the law. Ever thought what it would mean to have a lawyer represent you or practice law without passing the BAR; or a CPA that is not peer reviewed every year to audit your business and create financial statements? How about asking a real estate agent to sell your house without a license to do so. What does having a license of any kind mean? These permits are issued to only those who have taken the time to study, learn, and exhibit the correct, proper, and ethical way of conducting business. These permits separate us from those who are just going through the motions in their practice; and when it is time to correct a wrong, that person is usually long gone.

Understanding the importance of having a license and the c o n t i n u i n g e d u c a t i o n i s what brings us to the word “Professionals”. What makes you a professional? A coat and tie? A shiny watch or a fancy car? Of course not! What makes you a professional is your conduct under the proper and legal way of the business you practice. It includes your follow up, your checking and double checking for proper procedure, and the correct protocol to ensure your customer has had the best performance conducted from a person who has taken his or her job seriously. Be proud of your auctioneer license, put it on your business card, your website, your Facebook page, and always carry your license with you to prove you are a licensed professional.

I want to congratulate our new 2019 Texas Lone Star Open Grand Champion, Angie Meier. She won against some of the best auctioneers in the country and at the best auction contest in the USA. Her grand prize of $10,000 and a Hyo Silver championship buckle proves she is the best not only in Texas but in the entire country. Congratulations Angie! I especially want to thank my co-chairman and co-founder, Troy Robinett for his hard work in putting this event together. We also could not have done it without Krista Richter, and Jackie Shillingburg and all the volunteers who came and helped in putting this event on. This event in the past 4 years has grown into the best representation of the Auction Industry bringing in the best auction professionals from around the country. We look forward to our 5th Annual Texas Lone Star Open in 2020.

On December 9th in Dallas, TX, we visited the Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital for the Annual Christmas Auction. This event has become the highlight for so many children whose lives depend on the donations of Texas Masons, and many other people who work hard in making this Hospital available to families. Thank you to those who helped us out in selling toys to these great kids.

Don’t forget! Before you know it we will be once again having our annual TAA Convention scheduled for May 14-17, 2020, in San Marcos, TX. This is going to be a great time for all in the auction industry. Be sure to put this on your calendar. We will also be having, once again, our TCAP sessions available for anyone looking for more and valuable education in the auction business. See you down the road and keep selling.

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