Our Dream  

Each and every year as the Texas Lone Star Open (TLSO) Bid Calling Contest approaches, I’m amazed at the support it receives from fellow members of the TAA, past grand champions of the TLSO and auctioneers from around the country. That support is shown through financial sponsorships, moral support, entering or attending the contest and bidding on items. It  warms my heart to see auctioneers come together to help showcase to the public the power of the live auction method of marketing.

I stood on the stage at the Fort Worth Stock Show waiting for 4:30 p.m.to strike on my phone to welcome the standing room only crowd and open the contest–I did get a little choked up. Because at 4:29 p.m. I looked at my phone and saw a message from a family member that was watching on SLA-TV that simply read “Dream”. I looked up from that message, surveyed the crowd and saw many of my auctioneer idols in attendance. These included many of the men and women who I work with on a weekly and yearly basis that I hold in such high regard. It hit me hard, that this contest is not only my dream but the dream of so many like me. A dream for auctioneers to have the ability to showcase the art form that is “bid calling”. A dream for the thousands and thousands of hours we have put into our craft to be on display for the public to see and to be compensated for, also. A dream that will inspire the next generation of auctioneers to step up on that stage and show to the world what they can do. In that moment, I realized this is not my dream…..but it’s OUR DREAM.

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank each and every one of you that helped make the TLSO a success. YOU are the reason why the TLSO is the gold standard for open bid calling contests in the United States. We will not rest on what we have done the last six year. “ Our Dream” is just getting started! Congratulations to Trey Galloway for being named the 2023 TLSO Grand Champion Auctioneer. I know that you will service as a great ambassador for the TLSO and the live auction method of marketing.

We look forward to seeing y’all back at the 2024 Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo for the 7th annual TLSO.


Troy Robinett

TAA President

TLSO Co-Founder

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