Are You Ready?
Greetings Fellow TAA members! 2021 is proving to reveal as many challenges, if not more, than 2020 presented. We are dealing with new first’s continuously and do not dare to ask the question, “What’s Next?” The Texas Auctioneers Association (TAA) was founded in 1956 based on the principles of actively promoting and enhancing the Auction Method of Marketing through education, public relations, and information sharing. We as an association must support and help one another through uncharted territory so that we can reach our professional goals. To do this we must take advantage of the competing, training, networking, and educational opportunities available through our association.

Change is here to stay! As the auction community continues to adapt into this new environment of change within our industry, we look to continually bring in new tools and practices to help our business models thrive and grow. We must not forget that change means growth and that great things never come from comfort zones.

Always continue to strive to be the best auctioneer that you can be. Success is not achieved over night. If it were that easy, then everyone would do it. Success is achieved by hard work and by continuing to improve your craft. You must know your limits, have a plan, visualize your goals, ignore the negativity, embrace positivity, face your fears, and the most important lesson of all, “Never Give Up!”

Why is continuing education within our industry so important? It increases your personal development. Whether you are wanting to learn how to fine tune your bid calling skills, transition from a bid spotter to a professional ringman, market your auctions effectively, start up your own auction business, learn best practices for conducting a benefit auction, staying on top of the current Texas Law Infrastructure that effects your auction license, and more, continuing to educate yourself is crucial to your success.

How Can You Achieve All of These Goals?
By attending the 2021 TAA Annual Convention at the Kalahari Resort in Round Rock, Texas. Save the Date, May 20-23, 2021. The TAA Speaker & TCAP Committee have lined up amazing educational opportunities during convention along with offering the Texas Certified Auction Professional (TCAP) Course.

President’s Welcome Party
This Year’s Presidents Welcome Party theme will be “Surfin Safari.” Come dressed in your, best beach attire and enjoy the nights festivities along with the fun auction. We will offer fun for all ages at this event, so Don’t Miss It!”

Why Kalahari?
Kalahari is an authentically African themed resort with a state-of-the-art convention center, world-class dining, luxurious spas, shopping, arcades, and has been voted the “World’s Coolest Indoor Waterpark!” Bring your families as Kalahari offers family fun for all ages to enjoy. See You There!

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