I want to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR. 2020 will be designated as the year of the “Professional”. Every aspect of what we do as auctioneers, ring men and women, clerks, and management specialists should always have that in the back of their mind and on the front of their business card. With the TAA Convention coming up in May, the focus of our education, marketing, and actions will have “Professional” put at the forefront.

Now, just saying the word does not make you a professional. How do you know yourself to be a professional? What makes you a professional? Where do you become a Professional? These questions have answers that are sometimes lost in its meaning. Being a professional in any occupation has three main components: competency, skillfulness, and assurance (CSA). These components (CSA) are not handed to you at auction school, even though it is the best bet to the path of a professional. You don’t receive them (CSA) if you qualify for a license, even though you are required to have them. You especially don’t receive them (CSA) if you participate or win a contest, yet it takes tremendous talent to compete. These valued components are earned with experience, education, practice, determination, and representation.

We recently received from an Auction Company questions concerning legal, policy, and protocol procedures concerning auctions within the State of Texas. This Auctioneer was not a member of the TAA yet was asking us for guidance. We, as professionals did answer those questions. But, one wonders, what if the TAA or NAA did not exist? The value of membership continues to rise when membership offers you, in return, those valued opportunities to become competent, skillful, and assured. Membership adds VALUE!

As I mentioned, May 14-17 will be our Annual Convention this year held in San Marcos, TX at the Embassy Suites Hotel. This is going to be a great time as well as an important tool for “Professional” Texas Auctioneers. Your attendance will put you in with other professionals coming to learn, share, and have fun. This year we want to really focus on the Fun Auction that will be held in conjunction with the President’s Welcome Party. The Fun Auction serves as an opportunity to showcase your skills or just plain ole show off, selling neat, one of a kind items with proceeds benefitting the TAA.

This year’s President’s Welcome Party is a Cowboy Luau. That’s right, a real Hawaiian Luau with a touch of Texas thrown in. Hawaiian shirt contest, hula skirts, pineapples, coconuts and cowboy boots. Get Ready! We will also be offering TCAP this year adding the third and final class that will be receiving the designation as a Texas Certified Auction Professional. TCAP 1, and TCAP 2 will also be available. These and the required continuing education classes will add, once again, those components to assist in becoming a “Professional”.

If you have children or grandchildren interested in applying for the TAA Scholastic Scholarship, offering assistance for upper education, please have those applications in by April 1, 2020, for review and selection. Once again the Jim Sample Endowment Scholarship will also be available for people interested in attending the American Auction Academy. This is a generous gesture given by Board Member and Past State Champion, Trey Galloway giving someone the opportunity to attend auction school. The applications are available online at www.texasauctioneers.org and are due by April 1, 2020.

2019 was a great year for the Texas Auctioneers Association once again, and 2020 is looking great adding tremendous value to be a member of this association. Make sure your dues are current and get your registrations in for convention. Hope to see everyone in San Marcos!

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