To Post An Auction or Edit Your Profile you must first Login.    If you are a brand new member with TAA, you must Register.  If you are an existing member, an account has been created for you.

  • In the right hand column, Click on Lost Your Password?, then enter your email address and reset your password.
  • Then Login to your account, good job!

To Post An Auction

  • After Logging in, Click on Post An Auction. 
  • Fill in all the *Required fields, upload all your photos/flyers (in a jpg or png file).
  • Hit Post Auction!  Or Save Auction as a Draft if you need to.


Where does my Auction go?
And what’s the cost?

It is aways FREE to post an auction to your TAA website. (Member benefit) TAA gets around 10,000 visits a month. 

TODAY and for the next 12 months when you post an auction for FREE to the TAA website, it will also syndicate to the “AuctionLook Hub”

View/Download‘s “AuctionLook Hub” Syndication Brochure .  A sales tool for you. 

After the 12 months, when you post an auction you will be presented with 3 options. 

Cost will be:  (after 12 months)

  1. $49.99 per auction – unlimited data to TAA and AuctionLook Hub.
  2. $9.99 cost per auction – limited data to TAA and AuctionLook Hub.
  3. FREE – post to TAA website


Editing Your Profile

  • After logging in, click on Edit Profile/Renew Membership.
  • Click on the green Edit Profile button
  • Make your changes, and click Update Profile, good job!


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