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Hello TAA Members,

I am pleased to announce to you that, for the first time in the 57 year history of the Texas Auctioneer’s Association we have the infrastructure in place to have a meaningful voice in Austin!! On March 10th your Board of Directors unanimously approved the formation of the Texas Auctioneer’s Association Political Auction Committee or AUCPAC as it was officially filed with the Texas Ethics Commission.

Last week the AUCPAC & TAA Treasurer, Mr. Jim Swigert informed me that we had received official notification of the formation of AUCPAC.

Currently, our TAA legislative committee with the assistance of a professional lobbyist has re-written our state auctioneer law bringing it up to date with our fast moving industry. The mainframe of our current law was written in 1978 and has had only minor changes since then. The H.B. 3038 will mandate that anyone who conducts an auction on behalf of others, do so with an auctioneer’s license. Currently, only live auctioneers are required to have a license, exempting online, silent, telephone and bid board auctions.

This past Tuesday, the legislative committee testified before the House licensing committee and H.B. 3038 is on its way to becoming law because of these efforts. Unfortunately, the legislative process comes with a price tag of about $15,000. Therefore, it is important that we all get involved in this process financially for the future of our industry.

By establishing AUCPAC we are putting legs under our voice in Austin, not only for now but for future legislative sessions. The Board and legislative committee has done the heavy lifting, now we need your help. This is your opportunity to help strengthen our industry and our profession in Texas. We need to begin funding AUCPAC today and formally request your donations.

Please consider donating to AUCPAC immediately as we need your assistance during this legislative session! Please read the enclosed information from AUCPAC treasurer Jim Swigert for detailed rules regarding donations.

Thank you in advance for continuing to support the auction industry and profession in Texas!

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