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The election of TAA board members are held each year during the annual convention at the business meeting.  All regular members are entitled to vote. Plan to attend the Annual Business Meeting, on Saturday and vote for your candidate.

If you would like to consider running for a position on the board please complete the nominating form and send it to TAA.

Board members and officers give  graciously of their time on a volunteer basis and receive no compensation. It is a wonderful opportunity to serve.  There are many changes happening at our state level with continuing education and our Association is on top of being a provider as well as offering many member benefits to TAA auctioneers. Consider being a part of your association and running for a position on the board.

Requirements as stated by the TAA Bylaws:
  1. Eligibility. Nominees for the Offices of President, President-Elect or 1st Vice President and 2nd Vice President must have been a Texas Licensed Auctioneer for Two (2) years and must have completed a minimum of Two (2) years as Director of the Texas Auctioneers Association or previously served in the capacity of Secretary/Treasurer. Nominees for the office of Secretary/Treasurer must have been a Texas Licensed Auctioneer for Two (2) years and must have completed a minimum of Two (2) years as a Director of the Texas Auctioneers Association or previously served in the capacity of Secretary/Treasurer for the TAA. Nominees for Director must have been a Texas Licensed Auctioneer for Two (2) years and attended Two (2) consecutive Texas Auctioneers Conventions prior to year of nomination. The Nominating Committee will verify eligibility of all nominees.

Hall of Fame Rules


Rules Governing the Hall of Fame
The Hall of Fame Board is to be made up all Hall of Fame members, and one (1) member of the TAA Board of Director Ex Officio to be appointed by the TAA Board of Directors to serve a one-year appointment with nonvoting privileges. The TAA Board will make this appointment at the TAA Annual Membership meeting each year for the coming year. Officers of the Hall of Fame shall consist of the President, President-Elect, and Secretary-Treasurer. These officers shall be elected from the Hall of Fame members and voted on by the Hall of Fame Board. Terms of office shall be for one-year for the offices of President and President-elect. No President or President-Elect shall succeed himself until he has been out of office for one year. Hall of Fame members must remain in good standing with the Texas Auctioneers Association and the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, during their active years.
Rules for Eligibility and Selection Hall of Fame Candidates
In order to be nominated, nominees must have been an active member of the Texas Auctioneers Association for at least 10 consecutive years and shall be a member in good standing at the date of nomination. Nominees shall have attended various conventions and seminars with preference given to individuals who have served as an officer or a member of the TAA Board of Directors. Nominees must have been successful in the auction business and must be well respected in their community.
Procedure of Nominating Candidates
No more than three (3) candidates shall be selected in any one-year and no more that two persons will be elected in any one year. Printed forms for nominating candidates shall be available from the TAA Secretary-Treasurer and printed in the fall edition of the TAA newsletter. These forms shall set out the requirements for Hall of Fame members. TAA members who meet the Hall of Fame nomination requirements maybe nominated. Any candidate who has been nominated and is not successful in the selection process shall remain as a candidate for a period of 3 years. If not selected in this period then their names shall be deleted until nominated again.
  1. TAA members will submit nominees to the TAA Board of Directors. The TAA Board will determine eligibility of those nominated. Nominations will be accepted throughout the year and the TAA Board will submit the names of all nominees deemed qualified to the Hall of Fame Secretary-Treasurer as confirmed during the year.
  2. The Hall of Fame Secretary-Treasurer will circulate the names of the nominees to the current Hall of Fame members within 30 says of the annual meeting and members shall have a 30 day period to respond with their vote for candidates to the Secretary-Treasurer.
  3. The Secretary-Treasurer shall then share the votes with the Hall of Fame President to confirm the inductee for the coming year.
  4. The President shall then communicate the final results (those nominees elected to become Hall of Fame Members) to the proper person so plaques can be made for their recognition and presentation at the next year’s convention

Rules for Voting

The Hall of Fame Board shall vote on the nominees. Hall of Fame Members may submit proxy votes by expressing their choice in writing, dated and properly signed. Any candidate receiving the majority of votes by those voting shall be inducted in the TAA Hall of Fame. The stated rules of the TAA Hall of Fame may by changed in an emergency situation when agreed upon by the majority of the Hall of Fame Board Members and the TAA Board of Directors.