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2017 Champions:

  • Texas Senior State Champion – Forres Meadows
  • Texas Ringman Champion – Si Harbottle, CAI, PRI
  • Texas State Champion Auctioneer – Kyle Dykes
  • Texas Rookie Champion – Tyler Rankin


winners 2016
Champion Auctioneer – Jarod Hamm
Champion Ring Man  – Doug Bradford
Champion Rookie – Cade Hall
Champion Senior Auctioneer – Wade Bartley

2015 Champions

Logan Thomas, State Champion

Kate Phillips, State Rookie & Ringman

Alvin Kaddatz, Senior

2014 Champions

Troy Robinett, State Champion

Logan Thomas, Ringman and Rookie Champion

2013 Champions

Wendy Lambert, State Champion

Montie Davis, State Ringman

Kyle Dykes, State Rookie

Ernie Croucher, Senior

2012 Champions

Clay Golden, State Champion

Tom Lester, Ringman Champion

Audri Murihead, Rookie Champion

Mack Cornett, Senior Champion


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