"The Long Road Home" Movie Post Production Auction

505 W. 21st Street,  Georgetown,  TX  78626 |  August 9, 2017  12:15 PM - August 22, 2017  9:00 AM

Scott Swenson | Austin, TX


“The Long Road Home” has completed filming in the Austin & Ft. Hood areas and has ordered all of their props, costumes, set dressing & office furniture sold at auction with no reserves! Props: Including 50 Cal. Gas Guns, Prop Guns (AK-47s & M-16s), Military Gear, Assault/Body Armor Vests, Helmets, Duffle Bags, Litters & more Costumes (Over 500 US Desert Cammo Uniforms), Combat Boots, Patrol Caps & Boonie Hats, Woodland BDUs, Traditional Iraqi/Muslim Clothing & Sandals- Men & Women’s, Large amount of traditional USA Civilian Clothing & Shoes, & Large Number of Rolling Z-Racks for Clothing. Set Dressing: 2 Large Army Tents, “Iraqi” Banners, US Army Recruiting Signs, “Crawford Texas” Sign, US Aid Station Signs, US & Iraqi Flags, Persian Style Area Rugs, “Iraqi” Bicycles, Laptops, Large Lots of USA Residential Furniture & Applicances Humvee (HMMWV) Doors & Soft Tops, Radio Equipment, Weapon Trays, Pedestal Mounts Production:Office furniture & Equipment, Lap Top Computers, Washers, Dryers, Wooden Work Tables, Pop Up Tents, Portable Lighted Tri-Mirrors & Much More! Grip Equipment: “Chromakey” backdrops 18’x 25′ Blue KNOCKOUT and 25′ x 30′ Blue KNOCKOUT (2) Blue Tempo 18′ Socks (4) Blue Tempo 30′ Socks (2) Blue Tempo 25′ Socks (2) Blue Tempo 8′ Socks And much more!

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Long Road Home Post Production – Online Auction Auction Location: 505 W. 21st Street Georgetown, TX TERMS AND CONDITIONS READ CAREFULLY AND COMPLETELY AS ALL AUCTIONS ARE DIFFERENT By Bidding in this Auction, All Bidders Agree to the Following Terms: 1. This is a Public Auction. By registering to bid in this auction, you acknowledge and agree to these terms and conditions. Lots begin closing in numerical order at 9:00 AM CT on August 22nd, 2017, with extended bidding in effect. Bidders must provide a valid credit card to register to bid online. Inspection time: Saturday August 19 from 11am-3pm only 2. Payment will be processed immediately after the last lot is sold on August 22nd with the credit card buyer submitted at registration, unless buyer has made alternate payment arrangements PRIOR to the end of the auction (contact Auctioneer 512-261-3838 or email: info@JonesSwenson.com). If credit card does not go through and buyer cannot be reached by cell phone within one hour, Auctioneer reserves the right to resell the items to the back-up bidder without notice. At the close of the auction, buyers will receive an “unpaid” invoice. Once credit cards are run, an email confirmation & paid invoice will be emailed to buyer confirming process of payment. Payment can be made by VISA, MC, Discover, wire transfer or by cash or cashier’s check. Buyers should be available by cell phone (or other phone number provided at registration). Payment must be received by 2:00 PM CT August 23nd, 2017 unless you plan to pay with cash or cashier’s check. Payment by cash must be made at the auction site on August 25th A paid invoice will be required to remove purchases. No items may be removed until payment is made in full. 3. An 20% Buyers’ Premium will be added to each item purchased. 4. Texas Sales tax will be charged unless the buyer has provided a signed Sales Tax Resale Certificate or Exemption Certificate for this auction. Prospective buyers MUST fax or email their signed resale form prior to the end of the auction to (512) 261-9886 or info@JonesSwenson.com. 5. All items in the auction are being sold, “as is, where is” without warranties or guarantees of any type and with all faults. AUCTIONEER AND SELLER EXPRESSLY DISCLAIM AND EXCLUDE THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Bidders should rely solely on their own inspection of all items prior to the sale and should satisfy themselves as to the usefulness and value of each item. Any statement in the description regarding the items to be sold should be considered a guide and guide only. Any error in description does not relieve the buyer or his/her agent of their responsibilities to inspect. There are NO REFUNDS OR RETURNS. 6. Auctioneer highly recommends that bidders inspect the merchandise. If you do not inspect, do not complain about the condition. Do not expect everything to be in perfect condition. Bidders are responsible for relying solely on their own inspection of the items. 7. Removal: Is Friday August 25th and Saturday August 26th from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM CT only. If you cannot remove your purchases within this timeframe, do not bid. AUCTIONEER DOES NOT OFFER LOADING OR SHIPPING. Bring dollies or whatever equipment and personnel that you need for removal. Bring your paid receipt for removal. Please make sure you can remove your purchases on the dates above before bidding. 8. Seller, Auctioneer and buyer expressly agree that Buyer is responsible for and agrees to indemnify Seller, Auctioneer and their respective affiliates for any and all damages (whether based on contract, tort, warranty, negligence, strict liability or any other legal theory, and including special, incidental and consequential damages), losses, expenses, attorneys’ fees, court costs, etc., that arise out of or result from the removal, possession or use of any items purchased at this auction, or any other claim regarding the use or possession of any asset purchased at this auction. 9. Auctioneer and Seller are not responsible for any internet connection problems that may occur during the auction. Bidders should understand that sometimes internet connection or delay problems do occur. Auction lots will not be re-sold or brought back up for bidding because of internet problems. If you have issues with placing bids, please contact HiBid Customer Service directly (352) 414-1947. 10. All buyers must acknowledge and accept the Terms and Conditions provided at the time of online registration. For questions, please contact auction office: (512)261-3838 or Info@JonesSwenson.com Thank you for participating in this auction! Jones Swenson Auctions

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